Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ஒன்று எங்கள் ஜாதியே ஒன்று எங்கள் நீதியே, உலக மக்கள் யாவரும் ஒருவர் பெற்ற மக்களே ....

As posted by Ande Andresen in http://paulocoelhoblog.com

I would like to share the following text I dreamed in Sedona 10 years ago on December 19th, 1998:


The planet Earth is our home. On this Planet, we travel through the Universe. Earth and Universe belong together and are both a place of joy and wisdom.

The Planet Earth is full of life. All life forms have their own beauty and their own right to exist. A Planetarian respects this right and treats life with respect.

There is more on Earth and in the Universe than can be seen with human visual sense. Even the molecules of a stone are full of vibrating energy. This energy is eternal and belongs to the Universe.There is enough of it for all on Planet Earth.

Life on Planet Earth unfolds like the Universe unfolds. There is no good or bad in this. Enjoying life with respect is enjoying the eternity of the universal energy.

Wisdom comes in many forms and does not claim to be right. It is always there and can be found everywhere. Today it has many names and tomorrow it will be one.

With the respect for life and the knowledge of the eternal force, Planetarians are part of the beauty of energy. They believe in the unification of all religions and all nations on Earth to enjoy the Universe together.

We are always acting with respect for life and we enjoy traveling through the life in all its forms. We know that all is one and one is all. With the Millennium of Unification to come, we work for being one Nation on one Planet.

We do not use force in the unification of the Planet Earth. Dignity is the biggest force of all and peace will come to the Planet. We are not in a hurry. Because our souls are eternal and our energy can not be destroyed. We know that there are no secrets.

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