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1.ஸ்வயம்பாலயா (சேலம்) அன்பர் பிரகாஷின் இறை அனுபவங்கள்..

சில வாரங்களுக்கு முன்னர் நான் சேலம் சென்றிருந்த போது இறையடியார் திரு.பிரகாஷ் அவர்களின் இல்லத்தில் இருநாட்கள் விருந்தினனாகத் தங்கி இருந்தேன்.முதல் நாளன்று அவருடன் நிறைய சிவன் கோவில்களைத் தரிசித்தேன். இரண்டாம் நாள் அன்று அவர் என்னை சேலத்தில் இருந்து கோவை செல்லும் சாலையில் அமைந்திருக்கும் ஸ்வயம்பாலயா என்னும் திருத்தலத்துக்கு அழைத்துச் சென்றார். காலை ஒன்பது மணியில் இருந்து மாலை ஐந்தரை மணிவரை ஸ்வயம்பாலயாவில் இருந்தோம் அந்த பவுர்ணமி நாளான அன்று அங்கே நாங்கள் பெற்ற இறை அனுபவம் எங்களால் என்றென்றும் மறக்கவே இயலாதது.

திரு பிரகாஷ் தனது அனுபவங்களை இங்கே நேரடியாக பகிர்ந்து கொள்ள விழைகிறார். அவர் எழுதி அனுப்பியவற்றை மொழி மாற்றம் செய்யாமல் ஆங்கிலத்திலேயே இங்கே வெளியிடுகிறேன்.

முருகா முருகா முருகா 
வருவாய் மயில் மீதினிலே.


பகுதி ஒன்று...


On transfer to Salem from Chennai in April’2010, Shri R.Venkateswaran, a colleague- cum-friend of mine with high religious bent of mind suggested me to visit a temple of Lord Muruga at Rakkipatty near Salem and said that the serene temple has Lord Muruga as a small boy, a Swaamiji is there who gives solace to devotees by his grace.  I enquired about the place to many people but not able to trace it.  Almost 18 months elapsed and one fine morning, a Salem friend invited me to a temple at Rakkipatty and we went to the place 21 km.s from Salem. The temple was a serene place with Lord Muruga with his consorts and a old poosaari giving his predictions with a walking stick like ‘Dhandaayudham’ in his hand.  His slang was not easy to follow and the place did not conform to the description my Chennai friend gave.  When I recounted this to him, he said that I have not gone to the right place.  Crest fallen, I consoled myself that the time has not ripened to me to have the darshan of the Lord.
Just four months ago, when I went to a Super Market for shopping, the Manager of the Shop, Shri Vijayakumar was speaking to few of his Staff saying in a hushed tone about Lord Balamurugan, Swamiji and his recent experience of blessing of the Duo.  Taking it as the divine invitation, I enquired with him and disclosed my inability to trace the temple.  He recounted his pleasant experiences of the benign benevolence of the Deity and Swamiji.  We ventured again on pursuit of the temple which was slipping from our radar for the past twenty months.   Touch Wood, the temple was a km. nearer than the temple I went two months back on the opposite side of the Chennai – Coimbatore NH 47 – 20 kms. off Salem.   This reminded me of the famous saying of Shirdi Sai Baba “Nobody can visit this place(Shirdi) without the explicit permission of this Fakir”. 
When we saw the temple from outside, it does not looked like temple at all and was just like a house belonging to an Upper Middle Class Family.  But when we went inside, we could feel the divine positive vibe everywhere in every form – light, air, aura, aroma and all.  The Lord’s Idol was in the form of charming, cute boy of 5 years of age.  The decoration – alankaaram of the Lord Muruga with his face being put up with “Vibhuthi” (Vibhuthi Kaappu),  Lips with maroon colour and a “Dhrishti Pottu” in black colour in cheek bowled us all over.  The God with his left leg slightly bent with his left hand in his hip made us think “Oh God! How great would that be if we were to hold this child with our hand!”.  In fact, I was very hesitant to have the Darshan of the Swamiji as Mr. Vijayakumar said Swamiji had once asked a person to go out, who was learnt to be a convicted criminal vouching to commit more heinous crimes. With self- doubts as to whether we are a soul of reasonable virtues, I was not willing to appear before the Swamiji.  However when I mustered courage and when we met Swaamiji, we were swept aside with his unique body language of kind eyes, graceful hand movemnets and ‘Mandhahaasa’ smile.  We started going to the temple at every available opportunity resulting in we getting the benign grace of the Swaamiji.  The name of the temple is “SWAYAMBAALAYA” and the name of the deity is Raaja Bala Murugan.  The evolution of the temple itself is very interesting and is a “Thiruvilayaadal” of sorts in this Kali Yuga.

(பகுதி இரண்டில் தொடரும்)

நன்றி: திரு.கே.பிரகாஷ், சேலம்.

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